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I love Kanning Orthodontics because the atmosphere is very friendly and uplifting. I like the tea and coffee station, and the waiting room. I also love the fact that you can draw on the wall of the room/office.

Kanning Orthodontics is amazing and has a great atmosphere. It is inviting and professional. I like all of the people who work there and it is fun to go. I enjoy the whiteboards in the rooms and my and my dad draw on them. This is why I gave it 5 stars.

We had our first visit at Kanning today! I was sooo impressed. We had a personal tour and then the room where my daughter had her consulation was ready with her name on the dry erase wall. Everyone was nice and welcoming, not to mention thorough. Impressed is an understatement for sure!

As a member of kanning orthodontics, I am very impressed with the creativeness for the patients, for example there are white board walls to draw on, ipads with many games and activities, and an amazing point system so patients can earn prizes, i am proud to be a part of the kanning orthodontics community.